• A Snowboy Named Sam

    “Who tracked in this snow? ”
    Mom queried her son.
    “It was just me and Sam
    Outdoors having fun.”... more »

  • Beatrice Chats

    Beatrice wept.
    But not so others noticed.
    Oh, she laughed alright,
    when others told jokes... more »

  • Bubbles

    She’s all of three
    And whirling ‘round
    In circles.
    Her tiny hand clasping... more »

  • Farewell To Snow

    Today, glimpsed I, a curious sight
    A mound of snow, no longer white.
    It basked alone, upon brown grass
    It seemed to say, This too shall pass... more »

  • Just One Sorry

    Just stay away!
    Sobbed she.
    Scalding tears
    Pool both her palms.... more »

  • Norwood Night

    Norwood asleep beneath
    A crisp, crunchy blanket of snow.
    Dim street lights bathe... more »

  • Ol' Bear And Sarah

    This was to be their first, grand journey.
    Who would dare believe?
    Sarah Maple, and Ol’ Bear
    Her special, robot teddy!... more »

  • The Robbery

    As I gazed out the window this
    Sweet morning and surveyed the view
    I saw that change was in the air;
    Like some celestrial store clerk,... more »

  • The Tire Swing

    He gazed across
    The wind swept meadow
    To a lone tree
    Standing there... more »

  • Why, Universe?

    Underneath a crystal sky,
    Underneath the darkness wide
    with stars so bright,
    I lift my eyes to wonder... more »