ZS Zach Stahle 4/19093

First off:

Here's a link to my Myspace photos if you want to know what I look like.

http: //viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm? fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=195082447&albumID=1349624&imageID=15856150

*serious part*
Ello, I'm Zach (Stereo Boy) . I'm an aspiring musician and poet. I've taken alot of what I write about from situations I've been through in the past. To me, emotion can be the best inspiration but aside from that I usually base my poems on life in general. I choose to write more about emotions in my poetry because it all just seems so raw and frightening, so real and abstract at the same moment...it's so thrilling to me personally. 'Why not wax poetic of two extremes on the spectrum? ' is how I see it. Also, please don't be confused about what perspective I'm writing from when you read my poetry because I usually try to keep an open point of view. So not all of my poems are autobiographical.
Well, I'm 15, I live in PA, I play guitar. My nickname is 'Stereo Boy' 'cause of my obsession with music. Some people are quick to think that I'm a really happy-go-lucky optimist... I'm not lol. But I usually look at the good side of things. If you wanna know more about me, you'd just talk to me.



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hey zach after wat u told me i signed up too y dont u read some of my poems