Zachary Kluckman lives in a state of animated suspension in Albuquerque, NM, where he operates a monthly poetry workshop, produces poetry for television and occasionally co-ordinates poetry segments for radio as well. Kluckman is a prolific, often experimental poet striving to ride the axis between traditional and performance poetry styles.

Kluckman has a nervous habit of pasting stamps on return envelopes upside down to make rejection letters from editors more difficult to send. He also organizes events, serves as Chairman of the Board for NM Poetry Tangents and is preparing to assist with fund-raising for other non-profit agencies as well.

Also, Kluckman can be seen in a number of film and television roles, and is currently ranked as one of Albuquerque’s top ten slam poets. Kluckman has been a featured reader in Chicago and has been published many times locally and nationally.

Recent publications include The Dos Passos Review, The Green Muse, The Quill, Dance to Death, and the anthologies American Open Mike (Volumes 1 and 2) , and A Walk Along the River; A Literary Anthology from the Upper Rio Grande.

Kluckman’s first chap-book, “Per-City Poems” recently received glowing reviews as well, prompting him to begin work on a second chap-book (tentatively titled 'Scratched Negatives', for release in late 2007.

When he is not wallowing in the Bohemian lifestyle that he exists solely within an overly fertile mind, Kluckman assumes his secret identity as husband and father to four beautiful children.

His ongoing projects can be seen on http: //, where he wears a goofy hat as poetry editor when he is not practicing primal screaming in artesian wells. You can also visit him at his MySpace page at http: // fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=165189334


Zachary Kluckman Poems

Heart-Broke Halogen Angel

Heart-broke halogen angel;
your feet bleed like a dancer
stepping past memories with the sharp edges of anger,
all steep inclines and strange angles.... more »

I Move Like Sap To Hold My Gothic Girl

Like purple iris, bloom bruises
In the field of her cheeks
From the lack of sleep
But she smiles... more »


The sun shines forever
Or never
Polishing the sky like clear enamel
That makes the smile white... more »

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