• Can I?

    can i? can i be your friend, your best friend, your ture love?
    can i hold you at night, kiss you, let you know ill never leave?
    can i walk with you, hold hands, like its are first date?
    can i lay here, look up at the stars, wish you were here holding me?... more »

  • Cant You See?

    im sitting here alone today.
    iv got alot on my mind.
    i started to think, i wonder if im going to be alone the rest of life?
    that woudlnt hurt me.... more »

  • Faces

    have you ever flet like you were the only one in the room before?

    well i have.

    im sure it happens to everyone at some point in time.

    we all have that time when we feel left out and thrown away.... more »

  • I Thought We Had It All?

    im laying in bed with you,
    you told me to get out..
    i thougth we had it all?
    nothing ever stays the same...... more »

  • Im Dying In Your Arms Tonight

    Did you notice me when i died tonight?
    Because i was Dying in your arms tonight.
    Feels like I can't move.
    Everything's so unreal.... more »

  • Im Pulling The Triger

    if i told you i was gunna die,
    what would you do?
    what if i said,
    'im pulling the trigger'... more »

  • Make A Move

    Here i am, at the edge, I can't make anymore moves, or I'll fall down.
    Its like ice.
    one wrong step, an you fall.. There's no more climbing back up.
    The ladders gone.... more »

  • My Minds Been Blown

    my eyes are glowing red,
    im seeing smoke.
    a bird just landed on my shoulder,... more »

  • Remember Me?

    Remember Me? The one that said ill never leave your side, the one that said ill be your best friend forever.

    Remember that dream I had? The one where we we're flying, flying so high, we were space bound.... more »

  • The Boy That Walked Away

    thats me.
    the boy that used to call you his best friend.
    wonder what ever happen to us?... more »