• A Walking Contradiction

    Do you think you see, with eyes up ahead,

    Me or the reflection of me, in the mirror inside your heart,... more »

  • Infinity

    What fools these mortals be?
    Empty shells of misery,
    They love and hate, cry and weep,
    yet every feeling left incomplete... more »

  • Knowing

    I come knowing, knowing my fate rebound,
    Wondering aloud, as I carry these boulders
    these boulders that are weighing me down
    I feel them creaking, tearing in me... more »

  • Reality

    A desire,
    To be approved, to be recognized,
    to be held for, in a place
    that brings joy to those,... more »

  • The Answer To My Question

    I think I know now,
    My aversion and confusion,
    My incomplete answers and fragments,
    To this question I keep asking myself,... more »

  • The Fish And The Eagle

    The color of the deep blue the eagle does not know,
    The heat of the rising sun, the fish cannot fathom,
    For the fish, water is life, its abode a beautiful
    mystery, it’s vastness a silent elegy and its depth... more »

  • The Nature Of My Kind

    Time to meditate,
    a place to resuscitate,
    deep within this emptiness
    the screaming silence that emanates,... more »

  • The Roads I Carve

    what madness have i inherited. not from kin, nor from friends,

    not from society, nor from the jinn,... more »

  • The Stranger In White

    Tread on the withered roads of life
    Heaps of love and self sacrifice
    Look around so you may meet
    The Stranger in White... more »

  • What You Call Love..

    What you call love,
    Is an insignificant mockery,
    of what it really is,... more »