• A Game

    They prance about like Englishmen at play,
    And act like nothing matters on the stage,
    Except to make one feel that life is gay,
    While puppets dance and hide the wars they wage.... more »

  • A Thing Of Beauty

    It hung there, dormant stirred by only wind,
    A barely twisting nod, the greeting swing.
    And armed by one with ivy loose entwined,
    It torqued awaiting, someone or something.... more »

  • Again

    Fires of Olympia
    by smoky torrents
    of acridity.... more »

  • Aqua Nova

    Dark clouds glitter
    through the cold
    soaked schools of glimmering
    pensiveness broken only by fears... more »

  • Atomic Consciousness

    Angular tightening Nova
    of strings swarming
    on the horizon
    of knotting.... more »

  • Castles Of Convenience

    Erected high on sun white sand
    Are fantastic golden castles
    Made to order by dreaming architects.
    Now we shall dance together... more »

  • Covered Stone

    Time scales these walls as
    unbleached cotton cascades
    over toothless crystal.... more »

  • Equinox

    The tip-toed snowfall mocks
    combustible desires
    darkened by unsprung weather.... more »

  • First Love - For January, My Wife

    Renewed sunlight rebirthing green array,
    Above, below - The heated life is brought
    To vibrant hues in March, April, and May
    Upon which youthful eyes in verdance caught.... more »

  • For Sam And Leo

    Did you ever
    take the time to


    and watch people?... more »

  • Gravity

    over the fathomed cliff
    with dew meeting on the points... more »

  • He Shot A Round

    He shot a round through the hand of God
    To save the world from all the infidels,
    But what he got was violence and jihad,
    And left the earth quite full of living hells.... more »

  • Multiplicity

    When the proverbial
    has become
    a sanguine languish,... more »

  • Occupation

    The barrels burn the unpaid fines, yesterday's news,
    and fast food wrappers, licked clean to warm the fingerless
    gloves that stray too close to the fire and too far
    from the identity of a brown bag store.... more »

  • Parade To The Past

    The diseased docks fell
    Into disuse
    Over the decades
    Of grime and crime.... more »

  • Pretense Will Get You There

    Forget the fairy dust, for flying wanes.
    The magic clay malignantly will ground
    The deftly, dumb and blind to lower planes
    To meet Leviathan of Fiscal Sound.... more »

  • Re: Past

    The silver laid aside the golden trays,
    Exotic culinary art prepared
    By master chef - His food, the highest praise!
    The feast of kings and men, with nothing spared!... more »

  • Starlust

    The children weaving future's contraband
    Will toe-reform the sand to castles grand
    And cross the waving line to sleights of mind.... more »

  • States Of The Union - Arizona

    The crimson sand aflow, did slow and still,
    Then retrograde, ascended into glass,
    As gov'nor's pen be labored on the bill
    That set Causality upon its ass.... more »

  • States Of The Union - Indiana

    A knock on wood is but the courtesy
    When police whims suffice to cast their sights
    To enter homes with all impunity
    Of violated men's defensive rights.... more »

  • States Of The Union - Louisiana

    When each transaction must be written down,
    Recorded for perusal by the law,
    When people become known by what they own,
    Instead of showing others who they are,... more »

  • States Of The Union - Nevada

    When johns with shriveled egos come to find
    That paid relationships oft further bring
    Despair and lonely apathy to mind,
    The pricks of love administer their sting.... more »

  • The Bearers

    When Jefferson his Declaration wrote,
    Encircled by the fellowship of friends,
    Decrying tyrannies of bloody coat,
    The freest men used violence for amends.... more »

  • The Flight

    A hell of an argument,
    the discovery of other,
    of betrayal, of pain,
    of the anxiety coming... more »

  • The Games

    The blood gets curdled, paralyzed by stripe
    With feelings delicately played and soothed
    By televising horrors - mindless tripe
    Enacted by the witless and untoothed.... more »