• * Remember *

    Dear sweet child
    Sitting there all alone
    All alone and cold
    On this rock hard stone... more »

  • A Full Year

    As a rose at dawn your petals outshine the morning rays.
    And through the evening onto night,
    A roses scent fills my room and puts me in a haze
    And all my dreams are filled with roses... more »

  • Cloud

    There once was a cloud
    Heavy and burdened.
    Looking down at the crowd
    Through smoke and ashes.... more »

  • Faith In Me

    If it is my life they want,
    They’ll have to fight me for it,
    If it is my freedom they take,
    I will take it back.... more »

  • Fantasy....(Or Is It?)

    There is this wood,
    Or so they say...
    Filled with fairies,
    Not decay...... more »

  • Fly Spray Isn'T All That

    Twirl around you dancing spider,
    With eight legs spreading them wider.
    Do a back flip you dancing flee,
    Before I squash u under my knee.... more »

  • Forever Yours (My Love)

    There were no witnesses
    Of what the closed doors conceal
    That once warm bed of passion
    Does no longer appeal... more »

  • Garden...

    Gentle leafs,
    In the evening breeze.
    Quiet footsteps,... more »

  • He Broke Her Heart

    There she goes,
    tears in her eyes
    storming away,
    had her biggest surprise...... more »

  • He Knows What I Mean

    Jos z
    It started with a couple of words
    And a small shy-ish kiss,
    We both saw each others passion,... more »

  • I Am....

    I am not to be touched,
    I am not to be seen,
    I have no permanent form,
    And I am not obscene.... more »

  • I Want To Wake Up

    I want to wake up
    Wake up from reality!
    I want some on to tell me
    Tell me this is not the world we live in.... more »

  • If Loyalty Were A Box

    If loyalty were a box
    to be passed down
    Through generations
    Many would look at it... more »

  • If Only...

    Hold me in your arms my love,
    Keep me safe and warm,
    I should have seen
    The war coming I know,... more »

  • Illusion

    Soft evening breeze caressing my face,
    Your hands in mine,
    They seem so real these days.
    Your touch is more than I can handle,... more »

  • I'M Always There

    Should the world tumble into chaos
    More then it already has
    The sky is black with smoke and ashes
    And the oceans are of boiling nature... more »

  • Innosence

    For a child, the sky is but a hand span away.
    They touch the moon and stars by doing a run and jump.
    They are like birds soaring in infinity.
    Yet, there comes a time when all children land.... more »

  • It’s Time

    It’s time for me,
    To take a stand,
    Leave behind my ever land,
    Leave behind the Garden of Eden,... more »

  • It's Tough

    Is like the dark woods
    I wonder through.
    Filled with shadows... more »

  • Legend: Phoenix

    Its wings are made of raging fire,
    Its heart is filled with wondering desire.
    Its song is like no sound you’ve heard.
    Does not sound like any other bird.... more »

  • Like A Flower

    Nothing in life
    Can match the beauty of a flower
    Its frailness
    Its softness... more »

  • Little Things

    If you feel like you are floating in the sky
    Don’t look down
    If you feel like you are about to go sick with disgust
    Walk away from the disgusting... more »

  • Lost Love By The Sea

    And here he sits just staring...
    Staring over the sea
    Looking out for something
    A ship of some sort... more »

  • Mirror Mirror…

    A mirror reflects all but lies.
    Reflects the things
    Everyone denies.
    Reflects the way... more »

  • My Eternity

    Whispering voices surrounding me,
    Clouding my thoughts with their melody
    Singing soft their lullaby.
    Making me unaware of the ages passing by... more »