• I Never Cried

    When I was trapped in the cage of darkness
    When loneliness crept into my life
    I never cried... more »

  • I Thanked God For You

    When I met you for the very first time on a bus,
    The driver pushed the breaks and that gave such a jerk,
    I was about to fall but you held on to me..
    And I thanked god for you instantly.... more »

  • Lost In Oblivion

    When the raindrops fall on the dry earth,
    When the dewdrops languish on dead leaves,
    When a chill blows with the winter breeze.... more »

  • To Live Without You

    Dedicated to Urfi Shaikh,
    Who did not understand my silence, hope he understands my words....... more »

  • Your Love Makes Me Beautiful

    Your love makes me beautiful.
    It makes me feel I'm desirable.
    I've never felt like this before.
    Its quite strange but,... more »