Major interest in comparative philosophy
music, travels, sufism, tao/i ching, zen
Born 1956, East Malaysia.
Family migrated from Quangdong
South China in 1920.
Graduated from University of Malaya
1979, Tour of India 1994,2007.
Pilgrimage to makkah/madinah 2005.
Write poems, short stories, journals
and attended sufic circles and studies.


zhuli xin Poems

My Friend And Protector

Hope is the spirit
that never dies
except by returning
and shattering... more »

My Wings

You are the shadow when I lift
Up my palm to shield my eyes
From the always vertical sun.... more »

The Pebbles Of Lynette

Lynette Pieces of Pebbles

Hearing your muskrat of love
sentimental interlude of bach... more »

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