• Anger

    Why is there so much anger inside of me?
    why can't I be free
    from this anger that's always stopping me?
    Makes me always think to end my life without glee.... more »

  • Darkness

    It's sad to say that people want to end their life,
    Someone wants to kill themselves with a knife
    And to forget the sound of human strife.... more »

  • Depressed


    Why do I feel this?... more »

  • Her Letter

    Why do you cause me so much pain?
    All my tears are shred in vain.
    It hurts so badly,
    when I think that you're gone... more »

  • Lost

    Someone told her that she won't sublime.
    She is lost,
    trying to get found in an ocean of people.
    She just want to be notice by all.... more »

  • Save Me

    Save me from myself,

    I am drowning, I am giving up.... more »