• Umeed

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  • Wake Up For It Is No Longer Dark

    Wake up for it is no longer dark, a new day has dawned;
    Lifted are the covers that hide things from your view.
    Time is now ripe for divinity of man to take control,
    So open your eyes to behold a wonderous sight!... more »

  • What If The Entire World Opposes Your Good Intents?

    What if the entire world opposes your good intents?
    What if time and again you are made to suffer pain?
    O Zia! Be patient for that would help unlock
    Those doors that were once shut upon you.... more »

  • While Departing From This World

    While departing from this world there is no need to grieve
    For they alone find happiness who have suffered grief;
    Those who have sacrificed their lives in the quest of life
    They alone are remembered by those who live.... more »

  • Why Not, I Say, Should You Not Try And Know

    Why not, I say, should you not try and know
    About that which a fettered heart easily cannot?
    What is separation, what does it mean? Why ask me now?
    Try spending a day in wait for the one you love.... more »

  • With Arms Spread Out

    With arms spread out, he longingly pleads;
    There being no other alternative he relies on fate;
    Ignorance and delusion continue to afflict man,
    Grant him the insight he badly needs.... more »

  • Without Darkness

    Without Darkness where will you find the all-revealing Light?
    How long will you continue to build castles in your dreams?
    In breaking free from earth's grip you have succeeded -
    But can you ever escape from your blind devotion to Faith?... more »

  • Yaad

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