• Dance Of Fate

    Every step I'll take
    Every move you'll make
    A step
    In sync... more »

  • Honey Covered Lies

    I simply stand here
    On the other side of the door
    I hear you talking with her
    'There is no one else than you'... more »

  • Imitator

    This is getting ridiculous
    Don't you agree?
    Fake my tears
    Fake my laugh... more »

  • Music Box

    'Dum de dum de dum de du..'
    The music box suddenly goes quiet
    The spinning bellrina look at the moon
    With only grief in her face... more »

  • Seconds Wasted And Ropes Broken

    Breath in
    You have just killed a second or two
    Breath out
    I know that this is the last place you want to be... more »

  • Sweet Sweet Misery

    One look from across the room
    Some steps to bring us closer
    A kiss, or was it two?
    Heavy heat... more »

  • The Mirror And The Reflection

    I look into a mirror, who is it that I see?
    This person cannot be me, can she?
    Her smile scares me
    The person she is... more »

  • Walking Into Eternity

    I walk
    No goal
    There is no ending to this pain
    If I could walk away from this aching heart... more »

  • What Goes Around

    Ever heard about that saying?
    'What come around, goes around! '
    You thought about leaving me?
    That I wouldn't care... more »