• Chained

    I am no one, unsure of the world
    you don’t exist, unsure of your mind
    and I see all you see;
    all the bugs on your sleeve... more »

  • Distance

    You are too far,
    I cannot breathe,
    I cannot sleep,
    I cannot feel;... more »

  • Fatigue

    Restless hands and heavy eyes
    define my posture and worry my mother
    I beg for sleep to numb the pain
    the pain of nothing, the invisible bruise //... more »

  • Finland

    Never in my life have I wanted
    to be ripped apart inside and out
    by hands so gentle,
    a single touch... more »

  • Pig

    Clutching bed sheets,
    heartbeat deafening;
    muffling the sounds of
    the last train to Century Park -... more »

  • Weak

    I am coming down with the flu
    legs weak, knees breaking
    under the weight of my body
    skin and bones, skin and bones... more »