• A Dead Life

    In a bloated haze,
    says the renegade:
    the seconds shrink
    as I watch the days and decades... more »

  • A Tribute To The Absurd

    Happiness is a ballpoint pen
    Happiness is irrelevant
    Happiness is... more »

  • Angel Hair

    Sheerly, she said,
    he’s such a charming catastrophe,
    a dangerous dream in a palace of stars
    but Everything here is full of poetry,... more »

  • Another World Poem

    Mother told me she was writing, she
    grinned and read enthusiastically from her
    notepad, “Love is like a bird, love is who you
    are, ” and I cringed into a smile, loving... more »

  • Artists In The Making

    [Sweet birch trees, swishing
    in the breeze, blushing
    periwinkle hues spread across the sky and
    fingers laced. Traced, backwards,... more »

  • At Bay

    It’s more than the moonlight erupting my howl;
    there’s a silver bullet tucked away in your shirt.
    With clenched jaws and coiled muscles
    we corner each other,... more »

  • Banshee Song

    The wind is blowing,
    twisting my thoughts around in my head
    as I want, am wont to flee;
    have already fled.... more »

  • Big Bug Hands

    I reach out a
    bright, big, bug-eyed hand to the
    whose grasp reflects intense, childlike candor... more »

  • Canoes And Galoshes

    The scent of rain makes me feel like

    getting nothing done - just lying all day on my goose feather bed
    with pen in hand and the soft rumble at my sill -... more »

  • 'Even Now'

    Thumbing pages dream-drenched worn
    in the sleepy noon comfort of beauty's dirty warmth,
    my ideas echo those of ages ago
    that first fell free like seeds from the tree of eve... more »

  • Eyes Deep

    flighty windswept raven hair and
    eyes deep
    like black rudimentary soil,
    mischievous, wildroot dimples,... more »

  • G'Evening, Twilight

    We are two figures
    silhouetted against a smoky, quivering backdrop.
    Once we move the world tips
    me into you... more »

  • Gorillaz

    One step to my right will send me careening.

    I am blocked to my left by the barrier of nothing.... more »

  • He Said:

    He said

    in a moment of retrospect,
    with murky eyes... more »

  • Heaven In These Limbs

    There was a tambourine in your shoulder,
    drums in your feet and a guitar in your heart.

    You seem angry, little boy,... more »

  • In Between Daylight

    In the stillness of the summer dusk
    we drape ourselves around cushioned velvet
    and lie, resting,
    tired.... more »

  • Ink

    I dip my feather pen into you,
    ink bottle of inspiration,
    as I dip my tongue into you
    your perspiration,... more »

  • Inside The Myth

    Beneath Zeus-dappled sky, a product of the gods,
    we melt into Greek ambiguity.
    Slowly, spinning, with our backs to the world and
    love-potioned Aphrodite caught in our eyes,... more »

  • Junk Poetry

    When the days start to slide
    into two-faced mediocrity,
    should we blend back
    into the dreams we come from?... more »

  • Know Me

    Know me, World, know me
    Know me
    or there is no me,
    no ME, world, know... more »

  • La Nina

    Swelling, swelling, up-
    rising, slow and sad and soft
    through throaty silence
    cycling, circling up-... more »

  • Le Trois De Nous

    He whispered something like,
    I had a dream last night.
    The trees were envious of your beauty,
    and lost in your confusion.... more »

  • Multifaceted

    Amidst a raucous background, I blend myself
    with the noise
    as a chameleon does.
    I crawl through pulsing colors on painted walls,... more »

  • On The Rocks

    Cozy, I set to fire tenderness
    overcooked, spewing firelight tales -
    plaid and checkered and striped.
    Come wrap yourself in comfort’s clothes... more »

  • Penny And A Scratcher

    I don’t know if my parents had
    big dreams I don’t know if they
    fell deeply into young love I don’t
    know if they ever cried for the... more »