• Blind

    The old stone wall stands tall,
    A ghetto to imprison the different.

    Below it -... more »

  • Cold

    There's rain on my windowsill and there's rain in my heart,
    And all you can do is ask when did it start?
    I don't need questions and I don't need grief,
    All I want is some bloody relief!... more »

  • Don't Smoke

    Everyone thinks it's a joke,
    'Oh yeah im 'ard coz i smoke! ',
    But wait till you choke,
    It aint no joke,... more »

  • F*cked Up

    There it is again, that feeling in my chest,
    Its never quite the same and rarely feels good,
    Sometimes it feels like an elephant is sitting on my ribs, making it hard to breathe,
    Sometimes its like butterflies fluttering about, bringing with them anxiousness and nerves,... more »

  • Far Away

    I'll wrap my arms around her,
    And hold her as she cries,
    I'll be there for her, I'll be there for her,
    While you're far away.... more »

  • Follow Me

    Follow me thy wounded soldier,
    Body growing ever colder,
    Down into Satin's pit,
    For heinous crimes you did commit.... more »

  • Going, Going, Gone

    You all think im doing OK,
    But i just act that way,
    You all think I'm happy,
    But inside i feel so crappy.... more »

  • Goodbye, Hello

    Staring at the bridge,
    Wishing you were flying off it,
    Wondering why you have to live,
    When you're never going to profit,... more »

  • Guinae Pig

    Here we go again,
    Welcome to the Dragon's Den,
    I'm lying on the floor,
    As he staggers in the door,... more »

  • Happiness

    What is this thing called happiness?
    Can it really exist in all this trouble and mess,
    Or is it the dream of long ago when things were simpler and life was slow.... more »

  • How Can I?

    How can I miss someone I never knew?
    How can I speak about something I would never do?
    How can I dream about something that isn’t my dream?
    How can I hear you if you don’t scream?... more »

  • Just One More Day

    just one more day,
    so we can say,
    what we never could.... more »

  • Knowing

    It hurts to let him go,
    But now at least we know,
    That he's safe and free from pain,
    And someday we will see him again,... more »

  • Never Walk

    That must have been on hell of a ride,
    One hell of a thrill,
    The final ride of your life,
    That final spill.... more »

  • Oxygen

    They oxygen’s run dry,
    Can’t scream, can’t shout,
    Can’t breathe whispered goodbyes,
    Because the oxygen’s run dry,... more »

  • She Can Look After Herself

    She can look after herself,
    She just prefers not to,
    Doesn’t want to go,
    But knows that she’s got to.... more »

  • Someday

    If he wins the war someday,
    Then my body he will slay,
    Give my mother my sould to take,
    Nevermore shall i wake.... more »

  • Stone

    im laying here
    on hard cold stone
    laying here where they left me
    and im all alone... more »

  • Suicide

    If for everyone that ever died
    Their closest loved ones committed suicide.
    There wouldn’t be anymore deaths by natural causes
    Or anymore life ending thefts.... more »

  • The Way Things Used To Be

    miss the way things used to be,
    With you and me.
    The way we talked,
    The way we laughed,... more »

  • They All Thought

    They all thought they knew you,
    Through and through.... more »

  • Three Of Our Best

    It was two years today,
    That three of our best,
    That three lil lads passed away,
    Now it’s for them that we live each day.... more »

  • Untitled

    Staring at the sky,
    Wondering why you lil one had to die,
    What ever happened?
    What went wrong?... more »

  • Untitled 1

    This is all i ever wanted for you so why cant i say goodbye?
    All i ever wanted for you and yet i can't let this die.
    Life without you wouldnt be ghastly, just different, empty.
    How have we fucked eachother up so much?... more »

  • Untitled 2

    It's weird to think of my friends,

    They know, but they don't know, they don't understand,... more »