• 3 Weeks A Disaster

    3 weeks with no water
    with no air to breathe
    my door is closed
    there's no noise... more »

  • A Friend

    a friend is someone who calls you when missing you
    a friend stands behind me and tells me she's got my back
    a friend hands me a tissue to wipe away the tears i cry
    a friend tells me the truth about the way i look without lies... more »

  • A Human, Not An Angel

    I won't apologize
    you hurt me first
    with your rude remarks
    otherwise I wouldn't have burst... more »

  • A Night Prayer

    I lay my head on my lovely pillow
    and pray
    ' Dear God, could you please
    take my soul away? '... more »

  • An Ex Wife Of A Superhero's Story

    Once upon a time
    There was a normal guy
    Living in my town
    One day he hit me... more »

  • Best Friends

    you're funny and amazing
    you're nice and daring
    you're also fun to be around
    there is something so special about you... more »

  • Breaking The Dream

    i'm thinking about my dream
    it's ruined becaue of you
    many tears i've dropped
    and you're not even worth them... more »

  • Cry

    when you feel sad and lonely
    when you feel misunderstood
    with many people surrounding you
    but it seems like... more »

  • Dead Soul

    Am nothing but a dead soul
    inside a body that is alive
    All the feelings I've had before
    Have now died... more »

  • Everytime It Rained

    Every time it rained
    She kept praying
    That her heart would stop beating
    So that she stops loving anyone else... more »

  • Fooled By Life

    i've been fooled by life
    and the people around me
    time always fools us
    sometimes it cheers us up... more »

  • For The Sake Of Old Times

    can you tell me
    what it feels like
    being on your own
    with no one to talk to... more »

  • Forget Me

    Dear people,
    Forget that I'm visible
    Forget that I can still breathe
    Forget that I've been miserable... more »

  • Goodbye

    it's leaving time
    i've gotta say goodbye
    packing my suitcase
    makes me cry... more »

  • Graduation

    Is it a a happy event
    Or a sad one
    Coz after what I've experienced today... more »

  • Gumus

    sorry for building this wall between us
    sorry for addin a new brick everytime i see you
    it might be my bad
    but you made me do such a terrible thing... more »

  • Gumus 2

    wanna break the wall
    wanna talk it all
    & save my soul
    from dying inside... more »

  • Happy Eid Without U.... I Don'T Think So....

    If I were with my family by now
    I would never feel like a stranger
    I would go to many places
    Without the fear of getting bored... more »

  • Happy Halloween

    It's not just today
    It's everyday,
    you see people dressing up in costumes
    Some look scary... more »

  • Happy Mothers Day

    Since it's mothers day
    I have some words to say
    You make my world a better place
    Just by looking at your beautiful face... more »

  • Happy Mothers' Day

    to the most fascinating person of all
    shall i dedicate these words kept within me
    to the best friend a human being could ever have
    shall i speak... more »

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    love is the best feeling
    a human could ever feel
    it brings joy to you
    as well as peace... more »

  • I Dream Of, , ,

    I dream of a place up above called heaven 
    I dream of a place where I can rest forever 
    Where I can be with my family as a kid 
    Caring about nothing but mom's kiss ... more »

  • I Miss U

    I'm missing people that i never got to know
    I'm missing things i often complained of
    tell me, does it make any sense to you?
    life is complicated... more »

  • I Miss U, Daddy

    i miss u a lot, daddy
    everywhere you've been to
    feels empty
    why did u leave so early?... more »