• A Name

    Of course I keep you secret:
    I quickly make up lies
    with which I would spur the memories
    of the time when we were nothing but words,... more »

  • An Imprint Of The Pen

    Whatever I touch,
    time touches me.
    As well as patience, care,... more »

  • Box

    i speak to a box: you are a nice box
    you have 6 sides and i can play with you
    you are a silent box while you rest... more »

  • Did I Ask For Something

    Love was born but nobody had noticed
    how terrible it was. They shower it with gifts
    every day without understanding that it is ready for a program.
    Love is placed on the walls like a painting.... more »

  • Infinitiv

    Kad se stvari pomaknu,
    ostanu samo sjene.
    Šutnja iz prinude,... more »

  • Later

    In poems it always looks different.
    When I read sentences written by others,
    everything seems clear and easy.... more »

  • Letter

    I have almost started this poem
    "Long time ago".... more »


    now all those things you did not dare
    to speak up about have tripped you up
    and said: stutter, and you then took
    hold of a lock of greasy hair and crushed... more »

  • Past

    I opened the door and, having stopped at the porch,
    I noticed how I experience my movements
    as something perfectly slippery,... more »

  • Porgy & Bess Band

    to lie, why not. after all words are
    arbitrary; words that are not things,
    words that are not words. to lie, why not... more »

  • The Golden Age

    what is your habitat?
    my habitat is an ashtray, a desk
    a chair, a candlestick, books, boxes.... more »