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♥ Reunited World

happy jumps smile faces ethnic groups and different races.
reunited world a lot of fun, different people(not the same one)

a crowd of people oh so great! have your own slumb3r party and stay up late!... more »

Why Do You Love Me?

you said you loved me why is that?
you called me names and said im fat!
u teased me all day and every night!
you haunted me all the time!... more »


when you touch me i scream!
when you hurt me i scream!
when i see you i scream! because your always mean to me!
when you yell at me i yell back! !... more »

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Wow never knew you wrote poems on the internet
Moana Tuigamala 21 Apr 2008 03:26
I love your poem because you seem to know what a girl wants and how she wants to be treated. I hope that the good lord continue to bless you with the skills that you have and may you soon be able to write more poems just like this one.