• ♥ Lovers Mix♥

    If you love her dont call her a hoe,
    if you love her dont let her go,
    if you love her hold her hand,
    if you love her be her man!... more »

  • ♥ Mind Of Evolution♥

    look at my arms, look at my blades, every time i cut it always rains!
    look at my scars, they wont go away, i stay day and night with the same pains!
    twisted mind of evolution has rose again to destroy me and you and all of our friends the emo tender touch we cant seem to stop and the knifes we use, we cant seem to drop.
    when we burn our veins we carve our names on our selfs, the pain hurts but feels so good straight out of hell!... more »

  • ♥ Reunited World

    happy jumps smile faces ethnic groups and different races.
    reunited world a lot of fun, different people(not the same one)

    a crowd of people oh so great! have your own slumb3r party and stay up late!... more »

  • Blood Drips

    drip drop, drip drop,
    slowly as the bood drips down,
    drip drop, drip drop! the sound of the drops are all around,
    grab a knife and slice me there grab a blade then every where!... more »

  • Scream

    when you touch me i scream!
    when you hurt me i scream!
    when i see you i scream! because your always mean to me!
    when you yell at me i yell back! !... more »

  • Twisted Love

    i looked at the sky one late night and remembered the times i spend with you,
    i remember the last time i talked to you,
    when you told me babe i love you!
    it all started one late afternoon when i was cleaning up my room,... more »

  • Why Do You Love Me?

    you said you loved me why is that?
    you called me names and said im fat!
    u teased me all day and every night!
    you haunted me all the time!... more »